elite 2

We are very pleased to announce the creation of the Serpa Elite Experience Division, a new and important Serpa Automotive Group service. In this time of COVID, as people have changed their habits, and adopted new lifestyles, one of the changes is that sometimes there is an understandable reluctance to visit automotive dealerships. All of ours are squeaky clean, hygienic, sanitized way beyond any provincial guidelines. However, we listen to our customers carefully and now we are proud of “Vehicle Purchasing Redefined,” our motto for the new division. The demand has been very strong for personalized home deliveries. What does it mean? The new manager of the division directs your Elite Experience starting with the first dealership contact all the way to when your shiny new vehicle is delivered to your home on our custom-designed Serpa Auto Carrier — and beyond.


The Elite Experience manager is not, we want you to know, a sales person. The manager’s mission is to guide your experience in all stages of your encounter with us. For example, let’s say you’ve completed your lease or purchase at Serpa Chrysler, Dodge Jeep RAM, the Serpa Automotive Boutique or Serpa Motorsports. Then it’s the Division’s job to organize the delivery, scheduling the absolute best time to bring that spotless desirable vehicle to the best place for you, at home, office or cottage. You will get to witness it being rolled very carefully off our Auto Carrier, and your old vehicle, if there is a trade-in, rolls on to the Carrier. The Elite manager meets the driver at the delivery point, and then, while wearing a mask and keeping the proper social distance, explains all the features of your fine Serpa vehicle. And in the future, if you have questions about your auto, truck or motorcycle, the Elite Experience director is your contact point at all Serpa divisions and will make sure that your questions or requests are answered right away to your satisfaction.


This is definitely “Vehicle Purchasing Defined,” and we are very proud of it. Your next encounter with a Serpa division will be different than any other you have experienced.